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Affirmations to Start Your Day


Starting your day with positive affirmations can change the course of your entire day. They

can help set the tone, lift your mood, and even assist in overcoming challenges. Below are

some affirmations that you can incorporate into your daily routine to start your day off on a

high note!

Affirmation 01

Our first affirmation is one of gratitude: "I am grateful for the gift of a new day and the

opportunities it holds." This affirmation helps you to start your day with an attitude of

appreciation, acknowledging the potential in every new day.

Affirmation 02

Secondly, an affirmation of confidence: "I am confident in my abilities and trust my capacity

to overcome any challenges that come my way." This affirmation serves as a reminder of your

abilities, and instills confidence in you to face any hurdles that may arise.

Affirmation 03

Our third affirmation promotes positivity: "I'm soaking up the sunshine of positivity and joy!"

This affirmation is a wonderful way to fill your mind with positivity and joy at the start of your


Affirmation 04

The fourth affirmation is about self-worth: "I am valued and helpful." This affirmation allows

you to acknowledge your worth and the value you bring to the world.

Affirmation 05

Next, an affirmation for attracting success: "I radiate positive energy, and I attract success

and abundance into my life." This affirmation helps you align your energy with that of success

and abundance.

Affirmation 06

The sixth affirmation is about safety and love: "I am safe and surrounded by love and

support." This affirmation provides reassurance of your safety and the love and support

Affirmations to Start Your Dayaround you.

Affirmation 07

Our seventh affirmation is for peace: "I am peaceful and whole." This affirmation helps you to

cultivate a sense of inner peace and wholeness.

Affirmation 08

Finally, an affirmation of responsibility: "I am responsible for myself." This affirmation

encourages personal responsibility and self-reliance.

Consider incorporating these affirmations into your morning routine. They are designed to

help you set a positive tone for the day, and can have a major impact on your mindset and

outlook. Remember, you have the power to shape your day and your life through your

mindset and the words you speak to yourself. Start your day with these positive affirmations

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